Jewellery in precious materials can last for centuries so to ensure something of your life possessions will remain intact for you and future generations, it helps to take good care of it:

Always store items in something soft, separate from each other as some gems are harder and can easily scratch softer stones. This applies especially to Diamonds, the earth’s hardest material.
Special care needs to taken with Pearls: don’t wear in chlorinated or soapy water, don’t keep near harder gemstones, keep away from any other chemicals or skin products.

When the following happens, you can send your pieces to us for repair and maintenance (presuming it is made in silver or gold with/without gemstones). You can call and also email a photograph if you can and we will try to give you an estimate in price:

  • As we wear our jewellery daily the metal can slowly wear out and become thinner, especially chains, clasps, jumprings, stonesettings or pendanthooks. Mostly this can be strengthened and/or repaired.
  • Metal gets scratched when worn and can be repolished to look like new.
  • Silver tarnishes after use and age and can be repolished to its original colour.
  • Fingers change size and we can adjust the size accordingly.
  • Diamonds especially, but also any other gemstone, becomes dull with grease and dirt. They can return to their glittery, fabulous state with a little tender clean in the workshop.

You are very welcome to call or email to get a free consultation.