Ancient Petrova Treasures

The Ancient Petrova Treasures collection exudes antiquity. You will find handmade jewellery made in the 21st century with the same techniques as thousands of years ago. We only use 100% recycled gold. A pair of new earrings might actually consist of the same molecules of gold that once was part of a Viking bracelet, who knows?! The goldsmith’s tradition of remelting and reusing gold goes back to the beginning of time as it is such a noble and fine element. It can be reused endlessly. Please contact us for more information if you would like to reuse your old gold into something you have seen in our collections.

An air of ancient treasure troves will tempt you into wearing these pieces. They are forged & constructed to last, just like their source of inspiration. Often we do not give the jewels a high polish. The matter surface therefore brings out the true fascinating colour of gold combined with colourful gemstones and gem beads. Which ancient era will you interpret into a piece from the Ancient Petrova Treasures Collection?

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