The Cleopatra collection takes inspiration in the many legends and myths about the famous female leader Cleopatra. She was perceived as very beautiful but we think it is so because she was a strong woman. That energy from the inside is very attractive. Obviously her life was a bit too dramatic but we like to keep the drama within the jewels. She is said to have a grand taste for them just like modern women do.  You, who know that a jewel can help make you feel powerful!

The symbol of the snake was used throughout history to represent creative life force, rebirth and immortality. In Ancient Greece they were signs of good luck and widely used as symbols to ward off evil. In ancient Egypt a symbol of a cobra was at the top of the crown of the most powerful and prominent people of authority. So choose your own symbol of strength.  Who knows, you might achieve wonders wearing it! Let me know when you have conquered the world whilst wearing a power jewel (or just managed to do the laundry, everyone has the right to different ambitions!) Feel free to contact us if you would like a personal variation on any of the products seen in the Cleopatra collection.

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