Nefertiti necklace


Round turquoise beads, 18k Swedish red gold, approx. 50cm with a 6mm ball clasp (that fits with the clasp of the Nefertiti bracelet, so you can attach them for a longer necklace! Sold separately, check it out.)

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Nefertiti necklace is a necklace or gemstone chain you can comfortly wear on its own or add a special pendant to. It is entirely handmade and woven in 18k gold and 4mm round Turquoise beads. To enhance the perfect size beads there are “bridges” in softly brushed gold. The ball clasp fits perfectly with the clasp of the Nefertiti bracelet (sold separately, check it out) . Combine them and you can wear a longer necklace , about 69cm, for extra drama and elegance. This is truly a one of a kind necklace with all my love knitted into each knot. Understated luxury with an air of ancient majestic times.

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