Winner of “Oscar award for jewellery” – Designforum 2018

Winner of “Oscar award for jewellery” – Designforum 2018

I have the great honour to present four especially created pieces of jewellery this autumn at Stockholm fashion week. They are based on the theme of the competion  “Altruism” that I have interpreted into the nobel and lifesaving act of giving blood. The purpose of Designforum is to elevate the goldsmith’s profession aswell as to show its skills and creativity to a wider audience in collaboration with the fashion industry. The jewellery pieces will be dramatic and well suited for the catwalk where they will be shown för the first time. You are welcome to follow me here      for updates and photos.

Neckpiece Altruism23k gold & Garnet briolettes

red blood cells. blood elements close up

Earrings in 23k & 18k gold, Diamonds & Garnets

close up human blood vessels in male hand

Ring i 23k gold, Garnet & Diamonds

red blood drop

10mm freshwater pearls on 18k white gold & a Diamond. Detachable pendant in 23k gold, 18k gold, Pearl & Diamonds

red blood cells,activated platelet and white blood cells microscopic photos


Motivation DF


Photographs by Börje Johansson, Roy Rossovich & Elin Petrova Design